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Political Brigade App from Sean Parker Enters Private Beta

Do you remember Sean Parker? He was the teen that changed the face of the music industry. Yes, he was the co-founder of Napster. Now Parker is back, this time with a political-centered app. It is called Brigade. The application provides a simple way to give your political stance. Parker helped develop the app, along with Matt Mahan, an engineering team and product talent specialists. The work behind the scenes has been going on for about a year. Mahan is the former CEO and president of Causes.

The Brigade app enters into Private Beta this week. It is designed to bridge the gap between political policy and technology, even for the Millenials who may not fully understand politics in America. The app has a simplistic approach so that that younger generation can take part in informative political discussions.

The app is in a beta form currently, which means it is awaiting tester feedback, upon which the team behind Brigade will then move forward altering it given that feedback for improvements. The approach to this app is quite different from Parker’s last startup, which was called Airtime. That was a launch that was deep in celebrity endorsements and glitzy in design. This time around, Parker is more modest in his strategy.

The goal of Brigade is to give people power over their political atmosphere by giving them a platform to discuss and identify on different issues happening around them. The app, therefore, could potentially improve lives. While people may generically say they hate politicians, a closer look can show they have individual stances on causes and ideas about how to better the world.

Users can see on Brigade, which people in their connections of friends and family are most closely politically aligned with them. Then if a person supports a friend or family member’s position on an issue, and changes his or her own stance as a result, they get a social credit for that on the app.

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