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BuzzFeed Offers News App with Custom Alerts

If you like BuzzFeed but dislike having to wade through silly quizzes to get to its hard-hitting news articles, then you’ll like its new news app. The app is called BuzzFeed News. Okay, so it’s not that original of a title but it gets to the point. The app will solely be about news stories. No listicles here. It is an iOS application. It is more serious than the original BuzzFeed site with its pop culture content and quizzes for users.

As well, the new app offers more than just news. There are embedded features that make it more than just a repackaged form of the regular site. It has embedded tweets, for example, as well as timelines and related stories.

Other features for app users are summaries put in bullet points and photos. The links to other stories on related topics can be from other websites than BuzzFeed too, which gives users a richer content experience. The menu on the app helps users pinpoint where to look for the information they want, whether it be World, US News or other categories.

In addition, there are customized options such as certain categories for when the specific news is breaking. An example is the FIFA corruption. It takes into account what is news breaking on social media and what the news teams gathers to be deemed to be what will interest users. The team working on the new app also sits next to the BuzzFeed breaking news team. That way they will hear right away as to what is making news headlines, to be able to add it to the application.

In the new BuzzFeed News app, the news is curated and summarized, along with links to extra sources of info. Later in 2015 BuzzFeed plans to launch an Android version of the app. For now, it is only available to iOS users, which means those people who have Apple laptops, iPhones, and iPads.

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